Experience with Bicycle Pit?

Finally got enough money saved to finish my mash build (after seriously 18 months) and was looking online for some parts. Noticed this store (Bicycle Pit Web Store —) has some quality parts for really, really cheap - like almost too good too be true cheap. Was hoping that others who have used this site before could let me know if its legit or not.

Much Appreciated

Ps sorry if I shouldn’t be starting a new thread for this kind of thing, but used the search function and couldn’t find anything & could find a thread already open that related to the query…

doesn’t seem that cheap to me.

$45 for a conti gp4000 and a phil wood cog for $68 for example…

now the site doesn’t seem to be working.

unless someone’s used them before i wouldn’t risk it.

I was more looking at the super toughness for $65 or the custom neuvo’s for $135 & shipping is nothing… everywhere else i’ve seen them for more quite a bit more (super’s for more like $100)

Bicycle Pit HK is awesome. Great guys, top shop!

well it doesn’t matter for me anymore, site is totally unresponsive for me it seems…

opening link in new tab brought up a google 404 error.

edit - well there ya go, gypsy endorsed, i’ll shut up now :wink:

awwwwwesome! thanks heaps

might of been my dodgy posting? but im on it right now & seems fine, but thanks for checking it out anyway

Wow, ok.

I’m on the site right now and something must be funny about their prices, they want $990.00 for a Campagnolo seat post.

Don’t mind me, I’m a fuckwit.

Hong Kong Dollars^

if you’re in the market and don’t mind used, shoot me a pm, i’ve got both of them

Make sure you check postage prices and remember over $1000 gets taxed.
If it is miles cheaper do it if not go local, we’re so bloody lucky to have fixed shops in aus at all.

we’re so bloody lucky to have fixed shops in aus at all.

second that

Don’t worry, all my major purchases (frame, cranks, wheels etc) were through the LBS with sam (champ of a bloke) @ treadly here in adelaide stoked with their service. Just buy a few final pieces online because he said he wouldnt get in (for example) the mash tape for quite a while