extending Mt pleasant

Looking for the names of a few sealed back roads that I should ad to my list to explore out that way.

Very much dislike riding on main roads. Happy up to a 100k-ish loop from Northcote at the moment.

Shoot me some suggestions.

i’ll pm you later if you promise not to turn any of them into strava segments.

^what he said

PM me also, better yet, can you show me. I have been giving the MT P a miss due to too many turds on the road, I like to ride sans other muppets to clear my head.

These days it means i’m riding earlier and earlier.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Do use strava to keep a bit of a track of where I’m at. Profile should be private and no segments will be made.

Surely everything around there has already been segmented.

Bailey what was that loop we did in early 2012 and it was like 38 degrees and then I think I got heat stroke? With that huge fucking down hill not long after Mt Pleasant which is fish tailed around at 80kmh? Shat bricks.

Is this when Brendan bought you a chocolate ice cream?

no that was another day out near the airport, where I was suffering behind him and Jeremy. It was also quite hot I seem to recall.

Do what I do. Get onto some street view and have a look around and plan a few detours. Sure, you’ll probably get lost, but you might find something cool.

That said - Menzies road in the mornings with the sun cutting across the ridge it follows is really nice. Be sure to start it at the Henley rd end. :wink:


that’s the one i just gave them. no ice cream truck at the end is a definite down side.

I seem to recall we had to stop every 45 minutes to drink three litres of water. Looking back…it was pretty dumb.

Wow… no wonder you don’t ride much anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh…my fate was sealed.

owe you a ginger beer

nah man. this is the way it should happen - handed down from cyclist to cyclist.