Ezy's Kona Sutra LTD

…or you just like pie.

Ezy likes the pie.

Well played Rolly, well played.
Nice bike Ezy, would ride.

Fantastic work Roby.

What is happening in here!? The pie has gone. Rode it to the shops this morning, vibes were good. Tomorrow I will be going for a longer stint.

You road it on the rode? Or dirt?

life is a pie-way i’m gonna ride it all night long

I took off my pie plate

Alright, back on track now that we have teased me enough.

I am looking at rack systems, this is a path I have never been down before. I would like to get a front basket for #basketpacking and commute duties. Should I be looking at something that is wider to support the basket or will a rando rack do the job?

Then I will be looking at loading up the front forks for overnight/2 nights max adventures. Would an anything cage set up be the best approach or Tubus Tara Lowrider Front Rack with some small pannier bags?

nice one ezy, looking forward to where you gonna take this bad boy!

  1. I’d avoid panniers, given the experiences of several others I’ve witnessed who have used them for bikepacking. They can work, but they can also fail with all the rattling from bumpy roads. Go the anything cages instead.
  2. I’d avoid putting all the weight on the front. A saddle bag on the back is a good idea (Harry did it in NZ and it was a little sketchy). Strapped on properly, you won’t even notice it

Wald basket on a nitto will work well, might need adapters for the fork mount for the nitto. Then anything cages on the fork legs, can attach them using one bolt and two zip ties, it’ll hold.

Add saddle bag and half frame bag and you’ll have enough room for gear assuming your stuff is pretty small.

This is kinda the expensive option as you may end up buying lighter fancier gear but its the light option.

Second option is a tubus tara or duo front rack and the new ortlieb ‘bikepacking’ panniers, they have double hooks and clips making them more secure. Means packing is easier and you can take more/bulkier stuff

Specialized Pizza Rack? (or similar?) - big flat top allowing you to wald, and rails for panniers when/if needed? Aluminium tho

I have read that the Specialized Pizza Rack doesn’t play nice with the Kona on account of the positioning of the panniers not being low enough.

I should add that I already have an oveja negra saddle bag. I will be getting a half frame bag as well.

So along the lines of the anything cages - what are the prefered version of these? I know Blackburn have an outpost cargo cage, King have the Manything cage and salsa have the HD version of the Anything cage as well. So many options!

Did you get any of Keith’s Black King cages? If so, get some Manythings and get them blacked out as well. Otherwise the Blackburn Outposts look the goods, black, has straps, mounts to two holes, ~$35 a pop.

There is a bunch of tricks to keep the normal panniers in check too which cost nothing. I don’t know the cost difference between the two type of pannier but my non-bikepacking style ones have held up decently giving the shit they’re been through.

Yeah. If you already have some i wouldn’t be buying the new ones. You can just buy the spares from ortlieb to add the extra hooks too.

go kona!

Rove LTD looks fun.