Ezy's Kona Sutra LTD

So after much discussion here (http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/showthread.php?t=37506) and on instagram to a lot of peoples annoyance (Sorry Blakey!) I have taken delivery of a Kona Sutra LTD.

In the end I found myself going away from the Karate Monkey as I felt it was just too ‘big’ for what I was after. The majority of riding I will be doing is commuting via fire trail, choppy singletrack and bike path. Some days it will just be bike path. I do have a few other goals with this bike, riding to the coast and doing a few other longer rides but I doubt I will be doing rides like The Hunt etc.

The other bike on my hitlist was the Endpoint Hunter Gatherer. But unfortunately due to the house renovation my spendings account is a bit low at the moment. I sold a lot of things to be able to afford this bike - I would have had to sell a lot more in order to get the Endpoint. Things that I will know I will need down the track. Anyway…

The Sutra LTD kept coming up in peoples suggestions and it wasn’t really until I read about them a bit more online that I felt that this was the right sort of bike I should be looking at. I got in touch with Morgan Taylor who had owned a few of the other bikes on my list (Straggler, Wolverine, Rove) and there was one comment that really cemented it for me. “The Sutra is definitely more of a touring bike than any of the others… it is also more of a mountain bike than any of the others”

So the next step was to wait out for the 2018 Sutra, or save some money and find a 2017 - the only upgrades the Sutra 2018 has is thru axles and flat mount brakes. Not really worth an extra $600-800 in my opinion. That could be spent on racks, bags, bits for overnighters etc.

Anyway, I will take some pics and update with thoughts once I give it a good few rides.

I didn’t realise it has 700x50. That’s awesome!

So when are we riding to the coast?

It doesn’t, those are the 2018 specs. It’s 700x45 on there at the moment - but with 650 wheels, it can fit plus sized tyres.

Nice pie plate

Why do you have to be like that?

Because I care.

nice one mate!

if those hubs can be converted and you want to ugraded, let me know ive got some DT swiss front and back thru axles and spacers i dont need.

Thanks Cam, priorities at this stage are to build a dyno hub - just need to decide if it will be 29 or 650.

No worries, and maybe get rid of that clear pie dish behind the cassette :wink:

Functional az. I had a minor internal debate about the Polygon bend RIV a little while back, which I guess is their aluminium version of this. This looks more capable and adaptable.

I also just realised that what I thought was the pie plate is actually the big cog.

Nice pie plate

Probs need some pedals too

Yup, the bike arrived just before lunch yesterday. Saddle is at the incorrect height, pie plate is still on just in case you didn’t notice, I took the reflectors off, Cables are a mess, handlebars are at a shit angle. I will be giving it a going over and the bike will be getting a few donations from my other kona until the new pedals arrive.

Looks great. What’s with all the hate on the pie plate? Does it have no functional use?


So it does have a functional use…?

Oh snap hari you got em good

OT: That bike looks like so much fun - i briefly owned a Salsa Vaya which looks like it has similar geo - was great fun to ride!

TC: I still have the pie plate on my Surly. Maybe I should remove it this weekend.

Pie plates are the universal indicator that you don’t know how to adjust a rear derailleur.