F(ake) Moser

I got this off X-Campbell on here (get well soon!) the other day and built it up with stuff I orginally had on the Europa. It’s hipster as shit.

Sorry about the terrible, terrible mobile phone pic. Better pics this weekend.


Frame: F(ake) Moser (Australian built, Columbus tubing)

Handlebars / Stem:
Nitto RB021 / Cinelli 85mm

Fork / Headset:
F(ake) Moser / unknown

Front Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
Velocity Deep V / Velocity / Continental Ultrasport

Rear Wheel / Tire:
Aerospoke / Vittoria Randonneur

Crankset / Bottom Bracket:
Ofmega Mistral / Miche BB

Saddle / Seat Post:
San Marco Rolls / cheap post

MKS Sylvans / Kid Killy plastic double cages / cheap double straps.

49 x17

Plush! Might be a F(ake) but has some tight clearances and looks mad.

What are the drop outs?

Tri spoke front would be awsome!!!

lookin good JLN!!!

The rear drop outs are Columbus.

No trispoke for me. Not yet anyway.

sweet ride! reminds me of this…

Haha yeah.


yep. :smiley:

nice jolan, really likin the contrast :sunglasses:

That shit is so Mash!

49x17 is also the shit! :lol:

How’s it ride (compared to the rest of your past/present stable)?

Different. My left hand is kinda sore, so I took it easy.

It’s not as strange to ride as I thought it would be. It’s defintely more twitchy than my Malvern Star, but not more than the Samson. I have to tweak a few things (level the bars more, move the seat forward), but it wasn’t bad riding 10k’s to work this morning and wasn’t uncomfortable. Feels bloody quick too.

It is awkward trackstanding though, I feel like I’m “presenting” with my arse in the air!

what’s the width on those bullhorns JLN?

My RB-018’s aren’t getting low enough for my liking but was hessitant on getting the RB-021’s just incase there isn’t enough room near the stem to plonk my hands…

The ones you have there seem the perfect amount of space for me.

Not too shabby! :smiley:

They’re 38cm wide. I have about a hand width on either side of the stem.

I love it max! Jolan. Looks reeeaal mean like.
Nice and aggressive :evil:

On seconds thoughts…

it needs a Concor.

Sooper Dooper.

Nice build. If you search the forums in here on this frame ages ago, TrackCunt shares his wisdom on his thoughts on the actual make of frame… if you were curious to find out its history.

Diggin the Aerospoke.

You certainly have a very nice stable of ponies Jolan. I am in Radelaide for work every couple of months and keep my eye out for them in my travels!