F Moser

My Bike.

Mmmmmm…moser. Looks like a trusty steed

is indeed a lovely bike and takes all the abuse that young jack dishes up to it. and comes back for more.

Nice frame- but please put some handlebar tape on the bars!

Aye I saw that bike yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! How was the ride to Mosman?

it was fairly sketchy! the old gun turrets at the end of middle head road are epic at night.

Less Chrome, More Black.

Make the paintjob stand out i say.
I Find myself squinting to look at it as is :wink:

Do that paintjob some justice and tone down the chrome IMO

nice nice, i see you parked at Cofa yes?

Yeah sometimes. Go cofa.

don’t let anyone steele your knog light. thats the craze atm. heard of a fair few of them getting ripped off peoples bikes. not cool but shit happens ey. agree with gypsy. more black… less chrome…

Nce, my opinion: black long grips, black rear tyre, done…

What, people steal stuff off bikes?! :roll:

Lock your bike up on Smith St and see how long your 20 year old light lasts…


i have never had anything pulled from my bike. but i think your right knogs now are on the list for sure. only swines steal! you steal i hope you die!