F800 fix

Finally managed to take a pic of the F800 that I like.

F800 frame painted black with guides filed off, lefty fork (the ultimate conversation starter), bars/stem/post/saddle/cranks all standard for the model - nothing special, eggbeaters, ENO eccentric in the rear, cheese grips with red stars for just that touch of colour. But the main feature is the 2.5" Maxxis hookworms: so much love in two tyres.

Still need to remove the rotor from the front and paint over the spots where the guides were. Otherwise it is pretty much set.

Geared at 32/14. Contemplating a 34 for the front.

…until you have to pedal them. Good tyre though; would be great in a 1.75. Nice bike, You may also have to paint over the lower (?) on the Lefty.

LOVE IT…it looks great. One of the best fixed MTB’s I have seen, a great conversion.

OUCH, just got hit by a touch of jealousy.

I thought that was a look you were going for with the ‘ghost rotor’. I like it on. Though it looks like you are going for a super clean & mean. Evil goodness 8)

To go for that extra fast look, you could flip the stem Roguey.


I do, sometimes: when I put the Nitto track bars on for that extra style.


11 year thread dig is true respekt