Facebook comp with your bike form VICE mag

Hey guys, throw your bike up you might score $400 if not can you vote for the Ken?

what the fuck is Fort Heart? a necklace company? some corporate suckhole coolhunter thing? seems like they “hype” “creatives” but don’t actually do anything themselves…

Hey don’t diss just ‘like’ :slight_smile: yeah i know it’s a bit of a fad jump but hey $400 is $400 and it is vice

i get vice for free already. (as a side note the last 2 issues have been about the only good ones they’ve released in the last 4 years).
and $400 isn’t $400 when it’s a $400 voucher from fort heart, who, as i said, don’t appear to actually make anything except necklaces made from old slides. that’s a lot of crappy necklaces you’re never gonna wear.

VICE are corporate douchebags masquerading as anarchists. they do styling for myer fashion shoots for gods sake…


People love necklaces dude.
Also, wtf is that stuck in your back wheel dude?
Also, I have to be friends with fort heart, And I’m similarly not digging their vibe.
That said, awaiting friend combo, and gonna vote for the ken.

do you work for ACA? that’s some deep investigative reportage right there.

no but it has always been a lifelong dream of mine… if only

*stares off wistfully

Thanks dylan, it WAS a stress smiley ball. bit of an old joke but it’s gone like the wind

huh? i’ve read their magazines before and never stumbled across a single mention of bakunin…

If I didn’t have to befriend Fort Heart I’d definitely vote for the Ken. I don’t want to be friends with Fort Heart though.

What’s vice?

Anything that’s too good to be legal.

vice rules

When Gavin Mcinnes left Vice it was already 5 years past relevance, he just proved it was dead.

Did you think that maybe Gavin was the one past his relevance? He’s still doing the same funny social fashion commentaries on cool n fool. While Vice is using the Corporate whore money to travel around the world and report on stories other media looks blindly at…

Further reading slash viewing…

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You could be right, I have seen those vice vids. reminds me of stuff Robert Pelton Young used to do, (who funnily looks like Mcinnes) On another note, I was flicking through some old Vices I had lying around over summer, and was reading a 1994 issue (maybe re issue) reguarding al quieda. It had a cartoon of beavis and butthead style terrorists circling the wtc while it was burning. They were reporting on this and Osama 7 years before 9-11.

vice in the 2000s = playboy in the 70s. some seriously objectionable stuff, but some damn fine writing / reporting / journalism / record reviews as well.

and we still only read them for the articles

We should make a cycling do’s and dont’s thread!!!