Chris Hoy gets beaten by 18yo Irishman
YouTube - Chris Hoy beaten by unknown in Euro Elite track championships 2010 Poland


Is there a link missing?

hmm fail seems to be the embedded video! Have put the link in the orginal post

I fixed it for you.

how come it wasn’t best of three? is it different for qualifying?

Yeah they qualify the fastest versus the slowest. It means that the boys can save their energy a bit for the later rounds and the orgainsers can save time. Me thinks that Hoy saved a bit too much energy on this one though… oops!

only the final 8 get a best of 3

Haha, yeah, I watched this live the other night on Eurosport. He was saying that he opened up such a big gap by the end of turn 2 that he backed off, thinking that English couldn’t catch him, and didn’t realise until right before the end that he was about to be overtaken. Funny shit!

I also didn’t realise that Sir Chris Hoy is ACTUALLY a sir, I’m so used to commentators calling anyone that’s a bit above the rest “Sir”.

Yeah, he was knighted “for services to sport” after caning it in Beijing. The only Knight of the Realm in a lycra skinsuit.

Watched this last night… Love it. Never give up.

I don’t want to sound a tall poppy-chopper, but: suck shit.

wasn’t it hoy who also got done by theo bos a while back when bos got the early jump on him?

i’m at work, so can’t find the youtube footage

i don’t think it was bos, but i do remember a video of a guy getting a push at the start and sprinting for home right from the start. but i’m pretty sure that was the first race and hoy got him in the next two.