Fairdale Bicycles (Taj Mihelich)

From what I gather it is Taj Mihelich’s company through Odyssey BMX which will produce steel road and town bikes.
Fairdale Bicycles

Hopefully the quality is at the same level as the rest of Odyssey stuff.

hell yeah! stoked to see Taj has ditched Giant and gone on to do some rad shit… the guy seriously changed the way I looked at bicycles… I wish I still had my TerribleOne Barcode :frowning:

I knew you would be the only one who would post in this thread!!

I think they look awesome.
I would ride that one with risers all the time. So good.

The top one looks like a decent all weather commuter.

JLN, check out Taj’s band… The Snaketrap, you may like them… or not…

The Snake Trap on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

Thread resurrection. New adjustable rear rack designed by Taj. Good for the commuter crowd who might have issues fitting a standard rack to bikes with weird geometries.

Plus, the guy does/did the worlds best X-Up 360’s so that automatically makes everything he does awesome.