Fairfeild Skatepark session - (18/01)

i drove past there last night at about 7 or so. no one there and fully lit up by the floodlights next to the park by people playing touch footy.

anyone interested in hitting it up next monday?

yes sir. I’m down. Nate will be dependent on his wheels.

say, 6:30 meet?

If I recall correctly, Fairfield may be a bit small for fixies… but what would I know. I’m not hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can pull my finger out I will be there to get some photos!

its my local skatepark and you guys might get the odd skater there when the floody’s are on. on wednesday nights we light up the bowl with generators so yeh there will be afew heads out on wednesday.its not really good to ride on the new extention but the old park is really flowy and i rekon would be good for cruise session with the chill tranny all the flat banks

people still keen for tonight?

u lads would probly be packed up and leaving by 8:30-9?

what is it about 15 mins ride from gabba?

yeah about that.

aight well i might fly out there afta work… prolly wont get tehre till closer to 9

i doubt i’ll be there that late. have no idea what anyone else is doing.

im going to have to bail :cry: ive just been chased up for about 3 things im working on and should probably put them on top of my priorities list. soz guys