Fairwheel rim roundup - For Horatio

2013 Rim Roundup - Fair Wheel Bikes

Get your read on H.

Open Pro:

Nice rim when it was more widely used. The later rims I worked with weren’t as round and consistent. Lots of complaints about rattling slag by the joint. People have resorted to inserting foam into a small hole by the joint to stop the rattle since the pieces have no way of being removed. Eyelets have been known to loosen up and make noise as well. I’m not really sure why Mavic even makes these rims anymore.

Thanks Blakey. The Open Pros work for me. I still think the H+Son rims while good, a ridiculously overpriced for what they are though.

There about $40-60 more a set,
That’s a no brainier go h+son
You’re building wheels not buying toilet paper

Ridiculously overpriced? Hardly.

Last set of TB14s I bought, which arrived this week, cost me AUD120 shipped from Ha-Merica.

penny wise.

Worth bearing in mind that H is dedicated to Shitmano… So the toilet paper analogy may not be too far off the mark in his case.:eek:

haha how did I miss this dig??

Look, it’s just that when every hipster is screaming ‘architype’ this ‘architype’ that, ‘they’re amazing’ I naturally become suspicious. If the hard ano version lasts just like an OP CD I would be happy.


Pfft alloy rims… Not for this old man!

Jason does a great product review though

Listen to Jason he knows his shit, so does shifter Dan.
They both like archetype.

WTS: Syd - NIB HED C2 Clincher Rims (24; 28 hole) - Weight Weenies

Have never had a problem with open pro’s, don’t understand the fuss

At last, a voice of reason

Horatio: listens to those that agree with his preconceived notions.

And calls it reason.

Irrespective of the performance of Archetypes and other ‘premium’ rims, I still think Jason’s review of the OP is overly harsh. There is nothing wrong with them, they work. I’ve had a set for 2 years with no issues. No they don’t have the wide rim with ‘magical’ ride quality, but they function fine.

Jason remarks that ‘I wonder why Mavic still sells these?’ as though these are an obsolete item. But why would Mavic change something that has been the benchmark rim for like 20 years? If Mavic cared about selling individual rims I’m sure they would invest some time and effort in making a modern, wide OP Mark. 2. But they don’t because they know they’ll make more money from wheelsets.

Because rim technology has moved on and you can get something essentially the same for less, with better machining, less weight and better quality control. From DT Swiss for example.

No-one is saying that they’ve ceased to function as rims, just that there are better ones out there. Your brand loyalty isn’t allowing you to see the efficacy of the alternatives, or indeed the failings of the Open Pro.

They work as wheels yes but soy would some stars laced to quondo hubs.
Just start ballin like it ain’t no thang,

Must resist… looking like… hipster…