fakenago triple triangle

Vintage ! PURSUIT AERO TRACK PISTA FRAME Fixed gear , 52 cm | EBAY
even though its fake (conlago??) triples are nice

Hey mate, yeah I was looking at this this afternoon. Forgive my ignorance but why fake??

Cos the seller openly and honestly states it in his listing!

hahaha i was just looking at this one too. it’s fake because it doesn’t have any pantos etc. and the seller admits to it too
sweeeet paintjob though, looks legit

Christ. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to make it look like a Nag. Surely it would’ve been easier just to buy one!?

Wow I’m a retard. Kinda got caught up in the paint job myself, didn’t pay that much attention to the description other than the size.

yeah has spent a long time dressing it up, could have been an old roadie, rear dropouts had a touch of ??? about em, someone must have got an airbrush kit for christmas

also, can i claim the coining of the term conlago?

this thing is up to $510 wtf

Just looked and thought it said $51, got heaps excited. Beer and ebay don’t mix one bit.

That’s where you’re wrong, my friend…