Famous dopplegangers

I don’t need the ‘at a museum’ pics but has anyone got a famous pic doppleganger?


Which one is you, Pete?

Both? I like to do those “spot the difference” puzzles in magazines, so I feel I have a well trained eye for these sorts of things.

Any one got a picture of Rolly?

Or alternatively, when I’m wearing contacts…


Forum member Mercury and and I look the same. To the point where we’ve been mistaken for each other.

Also McKenny and Quicksilver-era Kevin Bacon.

Nik’s mum confused us at a DDCX race. …

Does Nik’s mum look like your mum?


I have been mistaken (variously) for Chopper Read and Mick Gatto*. I have a mate who bears a remarkable resemblance to Tony Mokbel. Sometimes we go to pubs together and things go quiet.

(*also Steve Bracks, when I was younger).

My late, sainted mother was a dead ringer for Nana Mouskouri.

there was a facebook thing that said something like “which movie celeb does your mate look like”. my mate chester tagged me as ET…

fuck you man, i’m waaay taller.

Would have thought your fingers were too short.

i think ET just had smaller-than-average palms