FAQ: How do I get into track racing?

it’s a bit complicated, yeah, but if you just come down to watch one tuesday night you’ll get a good idea.

in order to use the brunswick bikes you must be a member of brunswick cycling club. and in order to use DISC you need to have at the very least a ride-it license. i’m not sure how much junior stuff costs…

other than that, user NDF is vice prez of brunswick. pm him for more info.

okay, well the guy said after I’ve been training for a month or too and build up my base fitness I should start heading down to Brunswick Velodrome, can you ride on it for free, like on a mountain bike or something?

You can jump on Harrison St Velodrome (Harrison St, Brunswick, near Merri Creek & Russian Orthodox Church (gold dome)) anytime it’s not being used for training/racing.

You can ride any bike you like there outside of the training sessions, but a road/track bike would be best due to gear/traction considerations.

Another option is to come along to DISC on a Sunday morning at 8am for a come & try session. $10 and someone will get you on a club bike and take you around the track.

Are there any carparks near by or flat areas? I might bring my bmx and practice and watch you guys ride. I really want to get in to cycling other than bmx, I don’t really want a car and I would like to ride my bike every where and I love it. Bmx is fun but kinda hard to move around on :slight_smile:
First step is to get a job, then a decent Single speed or Fixed gear.
How much training do you guys normally do for track racing. At the moment Im supposed to just ride my bike for an hour for for days a week and do certain exercises as well.

Also are those fixed gear training bikes good to train on? I use them at my schools gym every lunch time.

ok, i’m totally done with this thread.

Sorry about all the questions but theres not really anyone else to talk to, Don’t bother answering my questions then, I will just head down there and talk to people.


awesome! i’m usually there from about 5.30 on tuesday. come say hi to the bloke with the bodgey tattoos - there’s about a 1 in 3 chance it will be me…

hey… if you are the kid i think you are then you know where to find a bunch of riders each sunday. some of whom you have already talked to.

there are a couple of people there that can probably answer a bunch of your questions… or point you off in the right direction.

or you could come down to the start of a wed night ride where theres even more experience (you can have a nice ‘training ride’ back up to home afterwards.

the first step might be taking a deep breath and spacing your questions out a touch. we were/are all as excited as you at one time. but there is a lot of good information out there that just requires doing some considered googling.

just re-reading this thread reminded me how much good info was in it… take some time to digest it, and contact some of the people, or visit some of the places mentioned. youll get a lot more info (and in a coherent fashion without being flamed) if you ask face-to-face.

you wont become a champion track racer in one week… patience is the key both online and offline.

good luck… there seems to be a tonne of junior track racing programs/schedules out there, im sure you will find one that works for you.

not sure if this is the right topic for my post but…

went to DISC on sunday for a try-out day, was excellent! i encourage everyone to do it once, now to get down there again…i think racing around that thing would scare the shiiite out of me though.

this is exactly the right thread for your post. nice work! after about 6 months racing around that thing continues to scare the shit out of me too. but what are you going to do, not do it? as if!

it’s always good to see fixie kids rocking up to race on tuesday nights, and last night Jay - on a sweet 2009 steamroller - gave C grade a red hot go. i don’t know if he’s on this forum, but if you are, nice work brother!

Anyone going to DISC Sunday morning? The weather is going to be rubbish and I wouldn’t mind riding inside if there’s a few of you going down.

This Sunday is the Vic Masters Omnium apparently. So sunday skills might not be on?


Plus, if it’s raining heavily the track will be wet anyway. :roll:

looks like hours on the rollers this weekend…

I’ve heard along the grape vine that there’s a track in Tempe (Sydney, NSW), but I haven’t been able to find out much about it. Even the ACF site yields nothing.

Anyone here in a Sydney club that trains in Tempe? I’m looking to give it a shot.

Or drinkimg loads of cans and getting pissed.

This is the home of Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club.

Great, that’s the info I was after. Do you know of anyone on here that’s a member and trains on Mon/Wed?

^ yeah been thinking about heading to that for a while now.

it’s an outdoor track … does racing/training go though autumn/winter ?

Just say i was going to have a spin around the warragul velodrome when i go back and visit my parents, what gearing should i be running?
ive heard whispers of 90ish inches for track, so with my 50t chainring, i should be running a 15 (88inches) or 14(94inches) on the rear??
I’m just keen to go real fast.