Farliegh (beasley) Road FIXIE Beast

58cm square Farleigh (sadly dressed with Beasley stickers until my proper stickers arrive)…

White Industries Hubs, bladed spoke to high polished CTA deep rims.
Thomson Post to Airone Saddle.
3T stem to Sushi bars
Dura Ace 7800 cranks 39 tooth, to Dura Ace 16tooth cog
Threaded 1’ Dura-Ace headset.
Shimano 'trail" SPD pedals.

Small little cross lever to a brake up front
Old YETI ODI grips for some comfort.

Built up to sell, but I don’t know anymore…kinda very nice to ride.

Lovin’ that frame colour!

Metallic flicks all the way over…nice in the sunlight.

Do like!

Nice frame!

But those grips are going to look black/crap in one week, I try and stay away from light colored ones.

Actually they have been used for 3 years, and thats the colour…not bad.