fastest tow

from the 1933 Argus, a girl travelling at a reported 80mph down st kilda rd holding onto a car.

“Dash it all, Sir.”

__from the fitzroyalty blog

Why do I think that should be 30 mph, not 80 mph? 'her knee was swollen, and she could not push the cycle."

John Howard was towed up to about 80 or 90 mph on a tether before being released and drafting the car up to 152 mph. Fred Rompelberg got to about 167 mph using a similar technique.

Got risers?

Inclined to agree. I’m not quite old enough to remember but I don’t think there would have been many cars in Melbourne in 1933 capable of 80mph.

Even if there were, Constable Stevens of the Bicycle Patrol would have to have been quite the rider to catch her.

you guys are spoiling my fun. i guess you’re right though