Fauxnelli Singlespeed Roadie

I bought this frame from Fyxo a few months ago. Has Cinelli forks & rear brake bridge, ‘CX’ pantoed in seat stay, star cut out in head tube lug, campag dropouts, crimped tubing with Columbus stickers and nicely chromed & diamond shaped stays. I t also came with Vetta vinyl stickers which I have removed as they were pretty ratty. It also has ‘giramondo’ stamped on the BB shell. If anyone wants to have a go at identifying it, please do - but I’m not worried. If figured if Andy doesn’t know who made it then not many people will.

Thanks to fyxomatosis, McKenny & Thomasface for parts & assistance:

Cinelli/Vetta/Giramondo frame
cinelli giro d’italia bars, cinelli stem
Miche track group
campag veloce brakes with cane creek levers
alex r500 rims/formula hubs/shimano 18t freewheel/28c

simple and subtle, i like.

nice bike:)

maybe it originated from the giramondo bike store in Melbourne?

G I R A M O N D O - - - S P O R T S W E A R

Yeah i have a giramondo track frame as well.
Im not sure if they did the building in house or contracted it out min looks nice though as does this one.
I almost bought this frame a while back.

I like this bike. I’m planning something similar, top drawer mon ami.

Looking good Rod. Love the chrome on the head tube lugs and seat stays. Interesting frame I want to see it in the metal.

Nice! Pretty unique frame. Looks comfy too. Taken it for a spin yet?

Here’s more info on “Cinelli” CX’s:
Cinelli Only: 1980s Cinelli “CX” ???

Cool bike!

Digging the seat post and matching black finshing kit.

I rode her to work and back yesterday…but came undone by the italian bottom bracket which…came undone. Nothing a bit of plimber’s tape won’t fix. It is my first italian BB and I wasn’t aware you had to secure the drive side cup.

Nice! I love all the details the frame has.

ps. your front tyre is on backwards.