Favourite 15mm wrench for track nuts?

My old 15mm wrench is soft and crap. So I’ve been using a pedal wrench on my track nuts but I’m finding it too thin, so it bites into and shreds the nut.

What’s your recommendation for a quality wrench?


I use one of those cut down snap off :wink: tools ones that were on the bay.

shove it under the seat.

pdw wrench/tyre leaver

Gotta have da passion…

can get them on ebay for peanut’s haha

Beaten to it, thats what I use

For less passion, I’ve been using one of these since forever. Well not as long as Fyxo.

I cut one in half and carry it in my tool pouch.



what are ppls recommendations for a smaller one to put in your bag/fannypack/under-saddle tooolkit?


I use the Icetoolz version of that ^ thing.

Any 15mm ring spanner will do.

At home I have one of those ratchet-ring spanners, is dope.

On the road, a short one (with open end as well) out of a Kmart tool kit.

Awesome. Will hit some sidchrome. I wanted something mean and heavy, and they look the part.

thanks. should’ve DAFSFFS

Sidchrome for the win. For out and about, I’m not sure what you mean. My road bike has quick releases?

I prefer Nippon passion:

^ well thats just fukkin cool

Also works as a pedal spanner for most pedals!
Also works well to get a litte extra leverage for those small L shapped allen keys.

I’ll let Heavymetal tell you to search.