Favourite polo photo?

Hey guys, as are building up the new theme for bikepolo.com.au we’re also looking for some photos from all around Australia and we want your favourite photos up there. Yep, every city

Shooting, crashing, celebrating, smiling, crowd, polo girls, polo boys, prizes, wheels, gear, broken shit, shiny shit, mallets, everything is good

Post it up in here or email me robm@bikepolo.com.au

woah awesome Skippy, what a start! Where are these from?

Top one is from the Musgrave Park courts and the others are from a night game we had on top of the Queensland Rail carpark in the city a few years ago.

T’was a perfect night - and the third photo tells me Karlzi is still with us in spirit, yet there is something empty in Brisbane without him.

Photos from the Australia Day Tournament earlier this year.
Been meaning to pop down to a match again with my new camera/lens combo but haven’t got around to it.

Hey Guys, I just put up some new banner images…

It’s a good start but I would really love to see more of the other cities contributing also

I’ve been going through photos from Damon, my own photos and Emma’s photos from the past few years but it’s pretty time consuming by myself

If you could send me your favourite local photo, or post it in here then that would be just chipper

looking at you, send them over! :slight_smile:


P.S. thanks heaps Rooster for the great photos, much appreciated… Unfortunately I can’t use them as we have an abundance of Melbourne photos already