Favourite Tool?

Up until today I would have said crank puller - no contest… But today, for a few dollars and a quick chat at Abbotsford, I found a new favourite: the Shimano TL-FC20 or chainring bolt tool :slight_smile: Amazing how a little piece of metal can bring so much joy heh.

So what’s your favourite tool?

The shiny spanner Nick gave me from that bearing shop.

Is it bad to pull cranks without a puller? All I use is a big allen key to get them off, ditto for on, only I always have to do it twice because the first time I put them back on kangaroo-bike style (amusing, but impractical).

My three-pronged allan key tool. Has a 4, 5 and 6mm.

How do you pull the cranks off the BB spindle? Brute force?

One-key bolts? They are not as much fun as the puller :slight_smile:

I remember the day you didn’t have one of these in King George Square. Still like the crank puller, distinct power buzz there.


How do you pull the cranks off the BB spindle? Brute force?[/quote]

DA cranks are usually self extracting. All you need is the allen key.

ndf: Think I could borrow your new chainring bolt tool? I need to tighten some chainring bolts.


Of course! Drop by on your way home, or i’ll bring it tomorrow.

fave tool is one that i dont own… cable cutters. have never been able to justify the cash. nowadays its no sweat but i pined for one aaaaages. my most hated tool is my old crank puller… it chewed some otherwise v nice cranks. i wants a campy one.

Very handy tools these. Very handy.

My favourite would have to be this - My Suntour Peanut Spanner.

14mm and 15mm - does crank bolts, and does Front Hub nuts (14mm) on my Suzues, and 15mm on the rear hubs. Very very handy.

Why can’t I get my image onto the forum page by linking it in??

Of course! Drop by on your way home, or i’ll bring it tomorrow.[/quote]

Oops. Already home. I’ll have to get it from you tmr then.


853 is my favourite tool

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(kidding! ducks!!)

but seriously, my favourite tool was a Park crank puller.

haha it was only a matter of time :slight_smile:

crank pullers are really up there it seems!

Was? Because you don’t have a bike, you mean?

damn! now that is harsh!




I’m claiming self defence.

Maybe going a little too far to say he is my favourite tool and he is not even particularly a useful tool, but…

Damm, what a bloody good looking bloke he is…