FB popularity contest: gripshiftslide

Hokay ok, so my friend Brett the awkward office worker (previously Brett the awkward bike courier, who’s stories of social awkwardness and g-stars tearing apart on saddles shall be immortalized and sorta half remembered in supreme almost scary comic book form via aerospkoke/dyldoface collabo)
Has entered this Facebook comp yeah
So he built up this car with $ he made riding a crappy bicycle around, saving Money on tubes and stuff so he could get custom coilovers and eventually listening to me when I said ‘just go to pony bikes, sasha’s gonna look after you, this isn’t a wheel and tire place you don’t need to ask for a discount lololol’
Anyway, so a whole bunch of guys or girls need likes to win stuff.
It’s probably stickers or tshirts or maybe a feature spot, I dunno, but Brett is seriously the nicest guy you’e ever meet, he’s like on par with NikCee but a little more shy and probably watches different porn (I imagine NikCee likes the more subtle kinda X-art stuff).

Anyway, like this photo?
Thanksyou, fixed.org.personal.army.

Plus stay tuned for exciting Dylan-related news in the near future. Shit’s gonna go one of 3 ways, all three are gonna be cause for beers with friends. Even skype beers with interstate friends.

Put down the of the decade !!!

grade A hilarial™

+1 x-art has some super hot girls


play early (pre-sellout) metallica over the top and watch it in 2x speed.

Yeah man… Thats hilarious.

Not meant as a put down to anyone, ohhh nooo. They do have some super hot girls, but they’re not ‘real’ enough for me and not ‘asian’ enough for Brett.

I just imagine NikCee being a slow and passionate lover, who would carefully light the room and trim his amazing beard before partaking in his type of thing, which would ofcourse transfer over to porn.
Unless he’s one of those Brendan ‘It doesn’t even get me excited’ Bailey types.
Or he’s like lemontime, all porn is good porn if the girl or guy is a hipster. Preferably both.
I don’t like all kinds of porn, some of it is bad. Girls watching heaps of james deen videos, yeah baby he’s all exciting and shit, but mr dylan’s cock isn’t the size of that, also I can’t do what he does with it for the period of time that he does, y’know?
I’m a regular guy, so I wanna see regular girls in porn.
Fuckin’, nikcee’s the best, therefore deserves the best porn.


Just get’s better.

Can we re-title this thread as the “dylan’s musings on porn” thread. Kid’s a mensch, genuis and ingenue all in one !!

Dyls I was expecting some mad Sileighty or AE86 or even a R-somethingorother not that!!! Hahaha love ya work, will like to the greater good.

Haha I’ve seen a few of the x-art girls in more gritty and less softly shot surroundings… They are still dirty hoes, just been rolled in glitter is all

first post says it all.

thread closed before someone gets banned.