FBM "The Sword" frame.

I think I want one.

Kinda weird though, a flat out BMX company making fixed frames now.

Uh, nice headtube?

I’m an idiot.

here’s the link…

The Sword.

I also justy found out that an old friend distributes FBM stuff in Australia…

If FBM’s cruiser frames are anything to go by (I have owned 2), it should be a BOMB-proof frame…

they’re nice frames.

ps JKL, meant to see your band the other night with thunderclaw, but missed you guys.

That’s cool.

We had fun.

I reckon I’ll be coming over to melbourne very soon without the band… which means I can bring my bike…

Interesting looking dropouts

nice colour too

Ive been talking to the guys at a local bmx shop about these and they say they are going to be real expensive.
im still keen to take a look at one though.

Yeah, a BMX-riding friend of mine said FBM BMX frames go for $1000+ so maybe I won’t be rushing to purchase one of their fixed frames anytime soon. :frowning:

For your grrand you get a really nice frame, I love FBM BMX’s, they’re really solid.

Ride-track.com have em at $525US. Surely it wouldn’t cost $500US to post one here.

The black frame looks amazing.

*EDIT: Ride-Track.com post internationally…

Frame: $525
Shipping: $175.18 (expidiated worldwide post)
Tax: $0.00

Subtotal: $700.18 ($752.22 AUD)

Not bad at all.

your bmx riding friend is a straight up LIAR!!!

they are US made frames, but retail for no more than $800. and if you’re paying $800 for one you’re an idiot.

Comparable with a surley frame bought locally.

Spot on. you can ride away on a s&m, Fit, FBM or terrible one for no more than 700.

all US made frames.

Personally Im not a fan of companies that specialise in other areas and then suddenly bring out a track frame eg: Brooklyn, Geekhouse, FBM. You would think it would take quite a few models before they actually get it right? Also paying 1k for a frame (not necessarily this one) seems ridiculous for a bike to just ride around town on, I don’t see what performance gains you can really get on a ‘fixie’

I dunno, established frame makers usually know what they’re doing. Something like a track frame that has relatively ‘obvious’ geometry isn’t going to be too hard to add to their collection. If they know their materials and techniques, there’s nothing to stop them building a solid frame.

I’m with Sekt. I figure FBM know their shit about frames.

also, my friend who distributes FBM sent this to me…

"Yeah we have them coming in next month we have loads on backorder,
The problem being Japan took the entire batch of the first ones they did,

I think they kind of got caught by surprise with the demand with them,
So to cut a long story short we will have them in , price is not yet confirmed
And yes we will be stocking them for retailers across Australia and NZ."