FD rubbing

Hey guys I’m pretty new to this whole having gears thing on a bike,
My front derailer has started to rub on the chain when I’m in either the 11t or 13t on the cassete, I’m pretty mechanical minded so it’s not something I need to take to the lbs to fix, to my understanding do i just adjust the h or s screw on the FD to bring it out so it sits of the chain ? Or could it be to do with cable tension?

Thanks in advance,

yep you got it.

Cable stop screws are: H is for the big ring, L for the little.

It can be a combo of both tension and cable stop, have a little play and you’ll suss it.

Oh cheers yeah I’ll have a play tomorrow :slight_smile:

More likely cable tension then the screw stops/limits as though tend to stay set. Instead of playing blindly check YouTube for tuts.

Cheers, just watched a few YouTube vids I think i’ll be fine.

it could also have shifted/pivoted around the seat tube (particularly if it’s a clamp on). make sure the outer part of the cage is parallelish with the big ring.

A good way to check the limit screws is take of the cable and manually move it, if it rubs or is real close just adjust it and make sure it’s parallel to the chainring, depending on mech.
Then put it in the little ring and hook up cable tension.
You will suss it out.
Same goes for the rear, just make sure the jockey wheel is perfectly under the top and bottom cogs.

Thanks for all your in put guys, my chain no longer rubs :smiley: played with the H limit screw first it didn’t really move enough to make any difference. So I put the chain on the granny ring and in the 36 t on the casset loosend the FD cable pushed it over ever so slightly and tentioned the cable to suit. Has about 2/3 mm clearance now and doesn’t rub in any gears both on the big ring and the granny. I hadn’t been using those two gears because to noise was too annoying, now I can go faster with ease :stuck_out_tongue: