Fed up with Soccer......try this on for size

Anyone for ‘Fixed soccer’


Even better, its called ‘Rad-ball’.

Wikipedia | UCI | Wicked flatland shit

That is one seriously weird bike…almost tempted to raid the shed and throw someting like that together…just for the hellovit

Old bmx seatpost, chainring with a track thread, and you’re set :smiley:

I’m in. Minus the lycra body-suit.

How about some crazy Arab single speed circle work?


Ha. I saw one of those bikes on eBay once. The top tube and the seat tube really are one and the same… I wasn’t going mad after all.



I can’t make out that top tube decal 100% but it looks like maybe a Duratec frame. I’ve always liked their track frames - just the thing for a matte black paintjob and Zipp wheels.


The pic is from http://www.starbicycle.ch/

Fixed trials is back!!!