felt tk2

Tk2 - Felt Bicycles

have a look at the bars on this…

Looks sweet for the velo

Sphinx bars are pretty sweet, i actually want some for the track!

bloody expensive…

Crazy for them to be standard on the new TK2’s though

I know, could of at least give it a better drive train instead of pimped out handlebars…:slight_smile:

these are on the 2011 fuji tracks too i think.
what’s wrong with “the stiffest crank on the market”?

I do not understand or like these handlebars.

when u get one u become The Sphinxta…



chief comm at the commonwealth games made cam meyer remove these bars because they can put you into an illegal hand position

he still lapped the field 3 times on normal bars

I thought the bars complied with UCI regulations? I guess comm games judges just make shit up as they go along.
Also, the bars look much more normal when seen from a different angle.

it depends on the angle you fit the bars and where your hands end up when you are in that points race position

the UCI and 3T also sent around memos saying you needed a shorter stem with these bars. perhaps old mate just forgot?

yep maybe, that chief comm was a complete dick though so who knows really

haha, too true.

just thought i would add after talking to a national level comm last night that you cant have a hand position any further forward than the front axle (when measured vertically) in mass start races however there is a 50mm tolerance that is usually accepted

hmm. that is food for thought. thanks for confirming.

Bars look kooky, I don’t mind it though. I think the tk3 looks really good too.

In action, they don’t look so weird:

Also, I get why they’re called “Sphinx” now.

These bars are the shit! Finally Felt put some decent bars on their stock build.

felt are bucking a few trends.

check out the chainring
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