FFS, it's a SPROCKET!!!

Its a SPROCKET on the back end of your fucking bike, it’s not a fucking COG.

It’s a fucking SPROCKET

It’s not a fucking COG.

let me put that another way, for the slow learners:

It’s not a fucking COG.

It’s a fucking SPROCKET.

There, I’ve finally got that off my chest. it’s been grinding my gears (my fucking cogs, not my fucking sprockets) for years. Worse than “break” vs “brake”. Rant over, now I’m switching to decaf.

Hmm, so gear bikes have cogs and single speed bikes have sprockets what do internal geared single speed bikes have? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hey antmandan, do we have a new winner of the (r)antmandan award??

“Hmm, so gear bikes have cogs and single speed bikes have sprockets what do internal geared single speed bikes have? :slight_smile: :)”

Don’t poke the bear.



im confused, Phil Wood & Co.

so am I… COG Magazine | Issue 09

Good visuals Blakey

beautifully pinched from wikipedia…

i did the exact same thing. but blakey probably knew the technical difference, i didn’t really

The Captain is right.

The definitions for ‘sprog’ and ‘cocket’ (pardon my spoonerism) in the Macquarie Dictionary are very similar and provide no guidance. Sheldon Brown’s on-line glossary also isn’t much use:

b [/b] Sheldon’s definition of ‘cog’ is:
"Popular term for a rear sprocket. Sometimes incorrectly used as a synonym for cluster, which is actually a group of cogs. Originally, “cog” referred to just a single tooth on a “cog wheel.” Then “cog wheel” was shortened by popular usage to “cog.” "; and

b [/b] Sheldon’s definition of ‘sprocket’ is:
A toothed wheel or gear that is part of a chain drive. The front sprockets are also commonly called chainwheels or chainrings. The term “sprocket” is perfectly correct to refer to either front or rear, but most adult cyclists use this term mainly to refer to the rear sprockets. The use of “sprocket” to refer specifically to a chainwheel is mainly confined to BMX usage. The rear sprockets individually are also commonly called cogs or gears; as a group they are referred to as a block, cassette, cluster or freewheel.”


b [/b] the definition for ‘cog’ in the Oxford English Dictionary relevantly states:
1. a. One of a series of teeth or similar projections on the circumference of a wheel, or the side of a bar, etc., which, by engaging with corresponding projections on another wheel, etc., transmit or receive motion” (underlined emphasis added); and

b[/b] the OED definition for ‘sprocket’ relevantly states:
“2. a. A projection (either forked or simple) from the rim of a wheel, engaging with the links of a chain … [and] c. ellipt. A sprocket-wheel, esp. that of a cycle; and (Cinemat.), one that propels film by engaging with perforations along its edge” (underlined emphasis added).

The OED definition also means that a chainwheel can be called a ‘sprocket’. However, Sheldon suggests we shouldn’t do that because we’re grown-ups and we don’t ride BMX bikes (at least, most of us don’t).

cogs good enough for me

And when I choke the chicken, I’m actually stroking my cock. No, wait … I mean penis.

Hmm, I’ll try that again, this time hopefully not raising the ire of the mods:

I say ‘cog’ because (1) it works and (2) ‘sprocket’ is a damn ugly word.

EDIT: but I swear I read an article on The Age recently titled something like: ‘FFS, it’s a vagina!!!’ The same reasoning applies in my opinion – damn ugly word.

well either way LukeR is still annoying, so is he a “tool” or a “flog” thats what I want to know.

word subs back in maybe? had a debate with my housemate about the term “fixie” today, just thought i should share

what pretentious wank this thread is

You are part of the problem.

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