fibre flare, any good?

thinking of getting one for my roadie for the winter months. Anyone using them, what do you think of them.

You mean fibre flare? if so yeah they’re OK but I tend to prefer a very bright red blinky or two.

If you must have one don’t get a stupid colour like blue.

I have one on the rear of my commuter, super bright and fits nicely/easily on the bike. Good purchase.

I used to have one, rubber straps eventually snapped & I just got some of those super bright LED ones after that.

I found that I always let them get way to dim as I always forgot to get new batteries.

The miss’s and I both run em’ (rears) and I rate em’. Pretty good battery life, REALLY bright and little people can use them as light sabers.

cheers guys, sounds like a winner to me

Not really. I bought one three years ago, it lasted 12 months until the ladder elastic broke, I managed to mcguyver it for another 4 months until the circuitry gave up and it was a hit-and miss affair whether it’s going to light up or not. Bought myself two Knog USB blinders instead. No complaints so far.

I dont own one but have ridden behind them.
They tend to glow pretty well but don’t have that hey look out for me of a flashing led

My first one broke after a month, wouldn’t turn on after a heavy downpour and getting lost and riding around in it for a two hours. My second one also broke after a year. First the rubber, and sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn’t.

I think the new “Thunderbolts” from Serfas are better, they are USB rechargeable, which I don’t think the fibre flares are.