Figuring out the size of things on my bike

Hey, so I got this.

Wanting to figure out the size of things so I can start buying stuff.

Basically headset, seatpost, bottom bracket.
from there I reckon I’ll be fine.

Some photos below.

Is there a good way to figure this stuff out? Should I take it somewhere to get it measured?
I’m keen to put it all together myself (or close to) and also want to start buying bits asap.

Any help or advice would be great.

plenty of details on this sort of stuff at sheldon brown.

yeah probably.
not that easy to navigate through it all

plus someone here might have experience with this tubing/make etc that would be easier.
or a tool/caliper thing for measuring if that’s the best way.

2 minutes of google searching resulted in this:

Somecs have Italian treading for both headset and bottom bracket.
Columbus Cromor takes a 27.0 seat post.

Not that hard really…

shit that was easy.

i went through headsets and bottom brackets on sheldon trying to see something that makes sense.

i’m usually really good at the internet too.

thanks a bunch.

italian headset will fit english.

Pretty wide selection of parts for that thing that are easily available

a quick google says that nobody can make up their mind as to whether it is 27.0mm or 27.2mm.
pretty much any modern road bike (that isn’t oversize) will be 27.2mm, so try one of those first.
best option would be to get some verniers and measure it though

x1000 you can get a cheapie for $16. They are almost essential I reckon.

check one of your current seatposts in it. that should help narrow it down (assuming you know what size that post is).

headset and BB should as above.

My understanding is the internal diameter of the seat tube area is not necessarily determined by the tubing type, rather it’s the framebuilder who decides. For instance the seat tube can easily be reemed out by the framebuilder especially since the TIG/lugging process might require it.

The Viner Columbus Cromor frame I had was 27.0, but I ended up getting LBS to reem it out to 27.2. Very easy job and a much better selection of seatposts. Obviously you can go smaller -> larger internal diameter, not the other way around. Actually there are shims aren’t there but that’s not a very elegant solution…

Strange that your Viner was 27.0mm. Mine is 27.2mm and they look like exactly the same frame, except yours was blue and mine is red.

My frame is Columbus Cromor and I’ve put two different seat posts in it, both 27.2mm with no problem.