Film: RISING FROM ASHES, May 8th, 7pm!

Hi everyone,

We’re running our first FOA screening on May 8th, in collaboration with Valhalla Social Cinema & Electron Workshop. We’ll also be running a raffle (prize(s) to be announced)!

Get tickets here.


you gonna play Cool Runnings too??

just to give the appropriate shout outs on this too, Erle’s lovely lady was the one that put us onto this film, and I’m a little bummed to miss it. Electron Workshop has fine tuned its film screening capabilities recently & this will be ace.

be there (and gram it so I can pretend I’m there) :slight_smile:

Oh yes, including a 4M screen, surround sound and a 2K projector.

i’m incredibly flakey and can’t make plans in advance. can i buy tickets on the door?

Tell you what, if you MC the raffle you can avoid buying a ticket altogether :slight_smile:

orright. but what about general punters with equivalent flakiness?

Yeah I hate planning but like going to things.
Rolly when are you back?

need to either leave or reset my 90 days by, funnily enough, may 8th…


It is possible to just turn up on the night, but it makes my life harder because I have no idea about numbers and whether I’m going to be able to even cover the cost of the license. For example, if only 10 tickets sell the day before the screening, then I can at least cancel it and refund everyone because it would end up costing me money.

If it helps people plan, the frame in the raffle is steel… and NOS…

how bout this for a crazy idea…

everyone that’s interested in the film buys a ticket.

then more people will wanna go coz their buddies are going.

then it sells out/gives Nickj the green light to go ahead.

if (and chances are it’s a big if because most of you won’t have anything that crazy important get in the way), you can sell it on or give it to a mate that missed out/is willing to take advantage of your $15 predicament.

I mean, it’s really not that hard to commit to a film night 2 months away is it?! shit, put it in the diary & forget about it for 7 weeks.

/rational thought, rant, whatever you wanna call it.

^ Excellent.

In. Who else is going?

Hi everyone - due to lack of ticket sales, and also the inability to get in contact with anyone who is actually distributing this film, I’ve had to cancel the event and create refunds - thanks to those who showed interest, I’ll be trying again soon.


b. a. l. l. s.