Film Thread

i know, i’ve got her on the phone at the moment, she’s crying, i can’t reason with her, you’ve really upset her man…


Now You See Me: up there with one of the worst movies I have seen. The ‘twist’ was laugh-out-loud bad.

Now You See Me (2013) - IMDb

I saw it waaay back in the day and loved it.
Watched it again a couple years ago and really disliked it.

hmmm ok. guess I’ll find out, bought a ticket yesterday.

Seconded. Watched it last week and by the end I was actually angry at how shit it was.

glad i didn’t come along.

This is an old one. Can’t seem to find whether this has been posted before, so here goes:


Really enjoyed Rush (F1) on the downlow-ed

The World’s End - International Trailer - YouTube
up there with worse movies ever.

one of the best lately
Behind the Candelabra Trailer (Matt Damon - Michael Douglas ) - YouTube

this is some action packedness
WHITE HOUSE DOWN - Official Trailer - In Theaters June 28th - YouTube

all seen at the cinema in the last week. I wish it would stop raining in paris lol.

Saw Stoker last night. Hoooooooo boy, that’s one for the Mullholland Drive fans right there.

So Metallica has a movie. Have fun figuring what it’s about.


Watched This Is The End on Saturday night. Have seen better, have seen worse. Lots and lots of cameos from the Superbad / Knocked Up type of actors.

Ip Man. (2008)

Pretty good.

Catch 22.

Released in 1970, really stands the test of time.

Absolutely freaking brilliant. Every scene is shot perfectly. Every character is interesting. Really captures the spirit of the book.

But its hard to find on DVD. I downloaded from a Telstra T-box so its probably on Foxtel as well.

White House Down. Shit load of action, explosions and one liners. 8/10. Would see again.

The missus got this on the weekend and it was actually pretty damn good viewing. It’s basically about the sociology of African-American women and the “weave” hairstyle. I had no idea about the culture behind it, but pretty much the underlying message was: don’t fuck with a black woman’s weave, dont even think about touching that shit.

This is now one of my best movies ever… amazing

this was great also.


I completed the Camino last year and it was probably the best thing I’ve ever done in life so far. That movie doesn’t show the cramped albergue’s and the boring days walking alongside highways. I met heaps of Americans who decided to do the pilgrimage after watching that movie.

Great movie!

The guy and the plane scene really freaked me out.

Rush - Trailer #1 - YouTube