finally finished!

new build so glad its finally done :slight_smile:
Thanks !

are those grips clear? looks cool

yep there clear :slight_smile:

Nice work - those Lasco cranks are pretty popular, how is the quality?

parts list?

frame: eighth-inch scrambler v2 57cm
F velocity b43 laced to origin track hubs w/ 28c gatorskins
R velocity b43 laced to flip flop origin w/ 28c rando
drive train: lasco 170mm cranks and 44t chain ring

      dura ace 16t track cog and dura ace lock 

seat some old thing had lying around.
stock headset with the frame and same with seat post.

lasco’s seem to be holding up really well so far :slight_smile:

Also i was reading in the gear ratio and apparently 16 tooth arnt a good ratio with 44 cause of skid patches?. any help with that cause i skid alot.

Check this out:

Switching to 44/17 will give you 17 patches and ~70 GI
44/15, 15 patches and ~ 80 GI.
I’d go for 44/17.

What gear you guna ride when you back on the bike San?

Nice build… good to see another one of these built up…

not so sure about your stem though… looks a lil “mountain bikey”…

i run a 60mm 6deg down-angle stem on mine(same 57cm v2) & it gives a really nice look. I tried about 6 variations of stem lengths & angles before I found what looked/felt best … but each to their own.

thanks for that was playing around on that site and if i got up too 19t, i would get 19 skid patches is it worth it ? im going to go get one tomorrow if so
thanks heaps.

sweet build. my 2c: flip the stem over so its not poking up at that angle. unless that puts you too far down on the bars…


nice bike btw!

nice ride mate - well done!

i think that if ur gonna run the back white, run the front white aswell

If you put the 19t cog on the pedals are going to spin alot, which would be annoying to ride. however, that might be how you want it to be.

yea youll get to keep the fron white for longer aswell

looks amazing as it is man (imo)