Well I’ve finally been in for my operation. Wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be. 3 small incisions and no more lump!

So after months of lazyness I am now officially on my way to getting back into riding properly.

Give it 2 weeks and I’ll be up for a gentle cruise, hopefully. Doctor says 4 weeks and I’ll be 100%.

Great news Dionysis!
Look forward to seeing more of your antics on the Kenevans… :evil:

Good to hear!

Hope to see you again on the morning rides soon.


A welcome back bbq is in oder I feel, great news Nath :mrgreen:

You’re not a woman now are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever it was, if it’s got you back on the bike by having it out/off then it’s good to hear!


hehe… nothing like that Garth.

I had an inguinal hernia, caused by accelerating up hill in traffic with a big gear. Ended up with a lump the size of an egg in my lower abdomen.

The surgery was nothing serious, just a 45 minute keyhole deal.

there’s really only one pre-existing keyhole in that general area… o_0

Good one Nath - so now you can finally get out and ride that bouncy Maverick properly!

Ooooh a hernia - ouchies! See, this is a good example of why hills are bad!

The actual hernia didn’t hurt at all surprisingly.

It was just damned annoying.

and yes mj, soon as I’m healed I’ll be up for some MTB action. Although I’m sure my current fitness level leaves a lot to be desired.

Oh don’t you love hernia’s, I’ve had two chopped at, one each side of my lower gut. They did a good job with the keyhole number, but the first one left me with a three inch slice that’d scare a kids pony!!!

Is that all it takes to get them sorted? :-o NICE!

I’ve got a hernia waiting to happen at the moment. The doc says I have a weakness/slight parting in the muscles down there and it’s just a matter of time till it goes. I should really stop letting girls get up on my shoulders at music festivals huh?

I just hope that when it does go it’s only big enough to consider it “fixable” and not have half my guts poking out.


Hernia’s a relatively simple to fix.

They just cut the muscle, push it back into place. Then staple a plastic mesh over the top to stop it coming out again and bob’s your uncle.

Open surgery takes a long time to recover from apparently, around 6 weeks. Laproscopic supposedly takes around 4. it better not take longer, I’m doing the ATB (or half of it), fixed, in 3 weeks!

I don’t think I’ll mention that to my surgeon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, which will mean they wont block my view and force me to throw random shit at them in an effort to knock them off.

I care not when I have a vag rubbing on the back of my neck :sunglasses:
They always seem to come down a little more excited than they went up :mrgreen: