FIND MY FIXIE! Stolen from Fitzroy, all white with lilac tyres.

My bike Saturday was stolen last night (10-02-2012) from the corner of Greaves and Hargreaves streets, help me find her!

She was parked opposite the new Hell in the North bar (used to be Lambs Go Bar), just off Smith Street.
She is particularly girly, and I am yet to see another bike like her.
All white road bike, no gears, with lilac tyres. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot her.
She wasn’t very expensive, just a Reid custom with the stickers pulled off, but she’s my only working ride, and now I’m without a bike.

If you happen to see my bike around the inner north (I’m guessing Fitzroy or Collingwood), or for sale on Gumtree or Ebay, please call me on 0422 979 119.

In the fortunate event that someone does spot her, I’ll happy beat the shit out of the prick that stole from me. I will repay any kind soul that helps with her safe retrieval in home-baked cakes.


Any pics would help

ps. yeah, i know, shit lock. last night’s lock was much stronger, but still not the best.

This wasn’t left out overnight was it?

it was parked outside a bar last night while i was in the bar, came out around 1 and it was gone :frowning:

any cctv?

Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your bike, but I do like the fact that you’ve taken photos in front of items that co-ordinate with your bike.

(ie white wall / purple streets poster, white wool / purple wool)

That’s terrible. I think the Reid bikes are amazing and you really have lost a great bike.

Drop into the shop, speak with Steve and he may just look after you.