Find my Glaswegian friend a bar job or I'll ban you.

hello dear FOA friends.

my handsome glaswegian friend ricky is fresh off the plane from Glasgow and needs to find a bar/club job sooner rather than later.

he is good at it and has a rad accent and is NOT GINGER. i repeat, NOT a pasty ginger. he probably tans quite well actually. what a ₪₪₪₪.

if you know anywhere hiring, hit me up via PM and i’ll give you a virtual high five!



quick, someone help roly before he ‘accidentally’ pulls out the FOA cable again.

rolie has actually gone mad with power.

^that’s right!!

i’ve had one pm, which was rad.

but the rest of you better think of somethin fast!!

or, y’know, just keep your eyes peeled.

I just tried to ban you but it wouldn’t let me…

don’t even try to fight me.

Ban my Glaswegian friend a bar job or I’ll glass you

haha nah he’s a big softie.

kinda funny when he asked me which areas of melbourne he should avoid…

i told him he grew up in the east end of glasgow, he’d be fine!

is he celtic or rangers?

i dinnae ken actually.

Are they open to other jobs, not specifically bar?

i’d say so, the only reason he is looking for bar work is because it’s what he knows and it often results in a decent social scene too. i’m sure he’d be more than keen to hear about anything going though.

he’s quite a talented photographer too if that helps.

I used to be Glaswegian.

you guys should hang out!

i’ll pay cash-money for FJ n00dz

waddya mean, they’re available at all seedy public toilets melbourne wide…??

dude just come over i’m semi naked most of the time.

Gonna have to lock this thread shortly!

i can confirm this fact. however, i can also confirm that prolonged proximity to this individual results in the acquisition of a scottish accent. at least, it did for roly. weird.

i flat out can’t help it and, yes, it is weird.