Hey everyone,
I re sprayed the bike metallic cyan blue and polished up everything,
Also added some risers and thats about it.
Overall cost of the build was about $400

Frame:1940s track (53 ST-55 TT)
Bars:felt risers
Bottom Bracket:brampton
Pedals: Sillfield sprint
Seatpost: Kalloy
Seat: Arius Pro
Wheelset:Superbe hubs laced to mavic CD.2s
Chain: HKK
Tyres:Tufo s3 Pros

here it is:


Just sprayed up


for an old bike the rake on those forks is sweet

the steering head angle is pretty mellow though…

Have stripped the frame of all its goodies.
the frame is 55-cm (C-C) top tube and 54-cm (C-C) seat tube

35cm wide alloy drops

That stem is nice… Phillipe made some good stuff, and it looks lugged? overfilled lug? lug plus fillet? it looks good anyway!

I say keep all of the original bits with it, including the wheels.
What is stamped on the crankset?
Good size too…


keep it original, parts look in good nic :wink:

but if your keen on putting new stuff, id be keen on the stem an crankset.

cheers jase

that stem is awesome dude

That looks like the healing frame i have on ebay now

The drop outs look very similar and so do the lugs…do you know if its Australian made?

yeh, the stem is very nice and is very detailed on top also fancy lug work,

the only thing I found was on the chainring has “50” for the amount of teeth and also some numbers in and around a small Knife???

Hey clint,
Have no idea were the frame was made,
But the bb and headset both have made in england stamped on them.

also just measured the cranks and their 165mm :smiley:

Hey, after a few coats of paint stripper the frame went through dark green, lighter green and then a metallic blue and the fork had red.
I then started to rub back the frame to bare metal and its coming up nicely

Hey fellas,
I have finished rubbing back the frame to bare metal and it came up good considering its nearly 70 YEARS OLD.
Hopefully it will get sprayed tomorrow and will be a metallic cyan blue :slight_smile:
Will post more pics when its sprayed

all done :slight_smile:
rides mint

looks even better in the flesh
shiny shiny :smiley:

awesome job mate, making me re-consider selling mine and rebuilding it proper:-D