Finnish Easter Festival: come for the food, stay for the lolz.

G’day Canlandians,

With no fanfare, hype, or French words accompanying black and white photography, the 49th Finnish Easter Festival will be rolling into town starting Good Friday, and finishing up Easter Sunday.

It’ll all happen at Giralang Oval (Giralang District Playing Fields according to Google Maps). And by all, i mean big AND small log throwing (Kyykkä & Mölkky), as well as mens and womens baseball (Pesäpallo).

Will be plenty of traditional foods (the main reason i attend every year), drinks and a bbq, as well as some stalls selling wares (i think anyway, there usually is).

Games starting at 13:30 Friday, 08:00 Satday and Sunday.

If you and/or your family aren’t doing all that much in the lead up to chocolate comas, or after; come out and enjoy some sunshine (weather dependent), food and drink, while laughing at people wearing silly clothes playing games no-one has even heard of.


Haha, this sounds amazing. I have some Finnish mates - they are likely to attend this yes?

So where is the after party sauna party?

TC: I dated a Finnish girl for a while. I met her out at a nightclub when I was 17, she was 17 also so we hit it off knowing that we shouldn’t be in a club sipping on the cocktails that were on fire. Our relationship was based around getting boozed and going to parties, I could always tell when she was drunk when she came up to me and whispered something in Finnish in my ear.

Ahhh, Finnish girls.

very possible they’ll know about it, and should turn up just for the food.

i’m unsure about the after party sauna party. saunas will be had before the sunday. then the after party is just drinking/clubbing somewhere.

How did it end? drunken Finnish words in the ear?

I might be there with the family on Friday

I always had to take her home after she had a bit of a spew.

did she always take her glass bottles home with her? or pick up bottles that were left on the ground/wall/gutter/in trees??


If I knew about this earlier I’d be there for sure.

I loved Finland. I’ve been making Finnish food since we got back.

Google didn’t help much. Is this festival on every year?

Us Aussie-Finns are slack at promoting and being visible on the net.

Is held every year, this year being the 49th installment.
Next year it’ll be up in Brisbane, who beat out Melb, to host the 50th Edition.

You’ve been in Finland too long when:
You know how to make herring in 105 different ways.
You eat herring in 105 ways.

also, the Finnish Hall in Altona sells trad baked goods…