Finnpower Premium Bicycles

Seems legit.


That old couple sure is lucky to have all that travel and hydraulic disc brakes

actual lolz at 1m21s!!! haaaahahahahahaha

Not to mention CF frame and DUAL suspension. Must be to ensure you dont even feel the cracks in the pavement

Fox 36 and Easton Haven wheels?! Must be a pisstake.

nikcee’s dad would ride on warby rail trail.

Research & Development - putting in the man hours to study the science of what you need!

It’s going to cost a fortune on consumables if you factor in that every-time the suspension compresses the seatpost is going to skewer the shock.

Maybe it’s not an issue when you have a Roller in the drive way and a cruiser moored up at the jetty.

I wasn’t aware a luxury bicycle meant a full downhill bike.