Firefly Columbus XCR Stainless Steel Road Bike

Pretty amazing:


Not just any XCr tubing, this is the first ever frame to utilize the famous Columbus Max profile tubeset in XCr. We call it Firefly MegaMax because it is based on the Max profile but uses larger diameter tubing to better take advantage of the properties of XCr.

The down tube starts as a butted 38mm tube and (like the top tube) is bi-axially swaged into opposing ovals. It is ovalized vertically at the head tube and horizontally at the bottom bracket. The vertical oval at the head tube makes for the strongest possible non gusseted TIG welded joint at the most heavily stressed area of the frame. The horizontal oval at the bottom bracket adds considerably to the lateral stiffness of the frame while sprinting, stiffens up the bottom bracket, yet doesn’t detract from the compliance or feel of the revered XCr tubeset.

Double wet dream- Columbus XCR Stainless PLUS MAX profiled tubing!!

That is PORN…!


They are by far some of the nicest welds i’ve ever seen. Oh yeah and then there’s the tubing.

I’ve been following the Firefly workshop setup, this thing is immaculate and an inspiration

meh, it’s nice, but nothing i haven’t seen from the likes of baum, indy fab, vanilla et al

Obviously you missed the custom XCR tubeset explanation…

Max but stainless and tig welded?

I’m with Jams and a bit Meh! too. Nice but not worth getting a tissue for …

no i read it. it has the exact same shape as the downtube on a bianchi pista… big whup!
and the tubes don’t look at all like max tubes
needs moar “custom ovalised” top tube!


You can TIG weld regular Columbus MAX- what’s the problem? The ‘special part’ about this frame is they have managed to incorporate multishape tubing using a stainless steel tubing. This is very cool.

If you want a light weight oversized steel frame you don’t use lugs. For reference, the Cinelli XCR frameset weighs 1420g in a 54cm size.

Yes, I would gladly ride that, but if i had a choice…


…That would be my choice

EDIT: Above post mentions. Hawt.

you would expect this kind of quality from some of indy fab’s most experienced staff.

do like.

Only the down tube is ovalized 35mm to 38mm (specs below). They do make an XCR version made for lugs (a little beefier). It’s still not as wild a departure from the norm as Max was.

thanks for the lesson <roll eyes>

I know what can be tig welded. I was just saying I don’t see what the bid deal is. The thinnest section of the tubing is 0.4mm. During the 30’s manufacturers were using special drawn Reynolds 531 tubing that was 0.3mm at the thinnest point. Stainless tubing has been around for a while too.

From a historical perspective the XCR weight is “nothing special”.

To quote Jane Heine

… a reprint (and translation) of an article from 1936, featuring a 7.96 kg (17.5 lbs) 1936 steel Barra cyclotouring bike. The weight does not only include fenders, lights and rack, but even the pump! The article spells out the weight of each component…

Jan also documents bikes form the Technical Trials

the lightest bike of all was a 1946 Alex Singer, at 6.875 kg (15.16 lbs.). Weights were established to the nearest 5 grams (0.005 kg). This weight is for a randonneur bike with fenders, lights (including a battery, so the light operates when the bike is stationary), 35 mm tires, at least 8 gears and a rack able to carry 4 kg (8.8 lbs). However, the weight is without tires and tubes. For a good set of hand-made Barreau 650B x 35 mm tires, add 500 grams (yes, they were light!), plus about 200 grams for lightweight tubes. So you get a 7.6 kg bike (16.7 lbs). Impressive!

i saw the thread title and my first thought was ‘this will look like every other underwhelming american build’

i was not personally underwhelmed as i was expecting something bland anyway

Fuck, picky you lot… :slight_smile:

You’ve been here long enough… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like scratched up beaters with mish-mash parts !!!

And he’s quite fond of bikes as well.