First fixed gear ride!

For any n00bs, or people who want to remember what it was like to be one:

for a start i still don’t get the idea of people posting every little event of their lives on a blog…
but secondly, man, some people really overthink things. driving your bike to the park to go for a ride?

play nice alex.
I dont get why people sit on their computer and complain about how other people ride their bikes, instead of getting out and riding their own. But i’ll still keep doing it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if someone was learning to ski (or snowboard), would you put them on a black diamond run or a green one? :slight_smile: If you’ve been riding fixed gears for a while, maybe you’ve forgotten how damn weird it feels at first. Surely it’s more sensible to get the basics down pat in a place where there’s no pressure and no distractions.

Another factor was that my home conversion job was an unknown quantity. Would the wheel I had re-dished hold up under load? Would the sprocket and lockring (both RH-threaded) stay Loctited onto the hub? Taking the car allowed me to bring some tools along in case of problems, as well as get home easily if riding back wasn’t an option.

Anyway, I rode the fixie on my normal commute today, complete with traffic, hills, and off-camber roundabouts, and survived, so it’s all good!:slight_smile:

congratulations on the build and the ride

hah sorry man i didn’t realise you were posting a link to your own blog - i thought you were having a laugh at some other beginner…

i’m just jealous cos i don’t have a car.

have you come in for a wednesday night ride yet?

Yeah I can see how it read that way! No probs, at least I lured you into saying what you really thought!:wink:

I will soon, just as long as I don’t have to climb over any spiked fences or confront any security guards! :slight_smile:

Nice, that’s how I intend to start (there’s a nice closed-road training track in Runaway Bay), for now it’s a matter of building this mother.

So, are you converting an old geared bike or is it an all-new build? Inquiring minds want to know…

Old Frame road frame, new everything else, Deep V’s, the usual.