first fixed gear

Masi Speciale LTD with flat bars.

nice comfy ride. back brakes will be off within the month.

probably just change the toeclips for the time being and then slowly start switching out the silver bits and pieces for black.

thanks to user hold fast.

So I take it you’re in Vegas? If so then we’ll see you around for a ride soon. Nice solid bike that one. I remember when Dave first rocked up to a Thursday night ride on it.

daves old bike, niceeeee,

hope to see you out on a ride soon dude!!

also, the most important bit of info, what side of the fence do you sit on,

bfgHC or bfgDS ?? :smiley:

ive been out before for the last 2 alleycats on the dual shock mtb. the masi is a lot better for the paved surfaces i finding lol.

please define this apparent fence some more plz

Brisbane Fixer Gear Hard Core

Brisbane Fixed Gear Dub Step

^^ Its another way of classifying yourself as a homosexual in denial. They have secret meetings on saturday nights at ‘The Beat’… I’ve ridden past a few times and seen them all lining up with lubricant and vaseline in each hand… :-o

just a bit of a running joke here in brisbane,

bfg- brisbane fixed gear
hc - hardcore :smiley:
ds - dub step :roll:

dan i think its the BFGDS crew you see at the beat,

BFGHC has its weekly meetings at rosies on a saturday night :stuck_out_tongue:

i rocked up to polo yesterday wearing a bad brains shirt. take your pick.

dubstep :confused:


dub/gay step, whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

so will we see you out tomorrow night for a ride?

see how i feel after work. i think i’ve pull a muscle in my leg and can hardly walk. im a pussy.

BFGGB (brisbane fixed gear girl’s blouse)

if i head out, is there people leaving from gear or just go straight to valley?