First Project Done, I think.

Hey all, I recon I’m finished my first project. Had this one for a few years now in a very different state (pink, pink and pink!) Stripped the paint back brushed the steel by hand and fitted all the parts I’d been collecting in the last week or two with a bit of help from the boys at Gear. Let me know what ya recon…
Europa frame (I was told, if you recon different let me know)
Velocity B43’s on Velocity sealed hubs
Continental GP4000 front, Continental Gatorskin rear
Pake crank set with Odyssey pedals
SR Laprade seat post, Turbo F1 seat
No name alloy aero forks
Cinelli Alter stem
Kore riser bars, Mankind grips
Chris King headset

Here’s more photos, some just wont upload, I’ve made em’ small and I just get this red exclamation mark after it uploads? Nexus mate whats the go??

Lokione_Bike..jpg flick_1..jpg flick_5..jpg flick_4..jpg flick_7..jpg

nice work for first build, very clean. Don’t be tempted to hacksaw off or remove in anyway the cable guides in case you/someone else down the line wants to convert it back. Try using photocucket

Solid build. Please post some more photo’s of that frame

i like, more deets on the frame…close ups of everything please

Did you seal the frame with something? if not its gonna rust up like a bitch.


Taking some more pics, will have em’ up pretty soon. Yeah I sealed the frame hey, prepsol n’ a rub then 8 coats of auto clear. You do have to be careful about leaning the frame directly against rough surfaces like brick etc as the paint is not 2pac (no hardener in it) and paint is directly on the steel with no undercoat it will chip pretty easily.