First Road bike help

The Cell looks good. Test ride it and see how it feels. Also, you say that the parts of the new version are on the old frame - worth checking the details as the new version has a press fit BB while the old version has a BSA. I’d prefer the latter, as press fit can creak like a MF. I was on long ride yesterday with a dude with a creaky press fit BB, boy that was awful.

There was also a guy on a Norco Search on that same ride, it looked good. FWIW he also does (relaxed) bunch rides on it.

Yeah threaded bottom bracket would be a winner.
See if you can take it for a spin.

Yep…plan on leaving work a little early tomorrow.

No matter how I spin it…it’s hard to find something with the same specs at this price, unless it looks like a dogs breakfast!

Reid granite plus matte black paint? Plenty of budget to upgrade bits.

Yeah I know, was just throwing them out there. Surely someone in Sydney is carrying Bombtrack?

shit…no disc brakes but…$1500…

Also factor in potential import duty / GST because imported and over $1000. Maybe add an extra $200-$300.

Don’t be fooled. You’ll be up for shipping on top of that, and because it’s over $1k you’ll be paying GST and import duties. Wouldn’t end up with much change out of $2k I reckon. And you’d be stuck with cantis.

Edit: pipped by Diddy.

Edit edit: shipping is $200, so yeah, not much change from $2k.

ahh…i thought these guys actually had a warehouse in Aus…

^ Wiggle do, not sure about CRC, but they probably wouldn’t be keeping their Colnagos there.

Didn’t know Reid did these. Might get one and some black paint :smiley:

I hadn’t looked at the Reid, but that’s a pretty good deal. Pretty low spec, but being 8 speed opens up a world of cassette options, and even has rack mounts.
Would be a decent bike for someone who dabbles in dirt occasionally but doesn’t want to outlay big bucks.

Just reading back over the thread. No ones mentioned second hand from what I could see.

Are you on any Facebook buy swap and sell pages?

I got my first road bike on bicycle market place. There’s deals to be had. I picked up a decent spec roadie for $1,100 was slightly too big in the end but made my money back by selling off parts that I didn’t need once I got a new frame.

That’s another option. Buyer cheaper and upgrade to better parts if you feel the need.

I dont want to kill the thread, because there has been some really good information sharing on it, and i think as a first time road or CX bike buyer its all been extremely helpful…and would probably help other newbies.

In a turn of event this morning (riding to work), I’ve now decided to stay with fixed, and upgrade my frame to a bigger size.

In the new year I’ll go for a cyclocross, but me being me and as with most things I own, I’m not satisfied with an off the shelf solution. So when I have the money, I’ll do it right…buy a frame and parts separately and do a custom build. Otherwise, if I would be wasting my money; if I buy something like the Cell, I would sell it pretty quickly, as it wont be what I REALLY wanted to start with.

I do appreciate all the responses and help so far…and its all going to inform the decisions i make when i finally get to building the cx bike, in the not so distant future

That’s pretty much what I went with. Kept tabs on any deals or good second hand buys and bought things here and there over a 10month period until I had enough to put it all together.
Ended up building a pretty decent Caad10 with 10spd Sram Red and Hed Belgiums/ DT swiss for about $2k.