First Road bike help

after a month of getting back to cycling fixed, i’ve realised that, in sydney its not going to cut it for commuting. Mainly because the mashing on hills and trying to slow down on the other side are taking their toll on my knees. I’ve developed pain and weird clicking in my knee, which is worrying, given at my age shit doesn’t really heal up, it just continues getting worse.

So the plan is to get the knee checked out, take a few weeks off etc. But definitely getting back to cycling, but this time on a geared road bike.

I’ve cycled enough in my life and have owned some good to great fixie bikes, so I can’t bring myself to buy a cheapo road bike, so looking for something descent. I’m not hung up on Alu vs carbon, but aesthetics do make a huge difference to me; as such, bit yes to internal cabling, and NOOO to massive branding and multi coloured frames.

As far as components, from what i’ve talked to my LBS and research, i don’t want anything lower than a Shimano 105, ideally ultegra, but i need to keep it within a budget of under $2000.

So far, I really like the Canyon AL’s that come in just under the 2000 mark after shipping and pedals. Also, the Cell Omeo fits the bill, but I always thought Cell was a cheap brand.

If i can get second hand, which would be about 1500, then that would also be great.

BTW, size wise, i need something with a 58cm-60cm top tube…depending on geometry.

any suggestions would be highly welcomed

I’d look at used specialized tarmac, cannondale caad or Giant tcr.
You should get a caad with ultegra for $2k

Certainly can’t go wrong with a CAAD for performance and value for money - there’s always plenty of deals around.

I rode a TCR advanced sl before getting my Propel and thought the ride was excellent - light, comfortable as well as stiffer than I expected. Giant’s are everywhere so seems easy to grab a deal at this point in the calendar clearing the 2016 stock

Sammy duck into bicycle garage at the top of the hill on lilyfield road. They’ll have a caad you can look at and probably a few other things that are nice. Alternatively a synapse could be a good option. Slightly more ‘relaxed’ geo but still a really killer bike.

In light of yesterday’s ride etc, have you considered what you’ll want to use this new roadie for apart from commuting?

This is probably just the beardo talking, but unless you’re going to be hitting up bunch rides or riding at a 30+kph average, it might be worth considering something with lower overall gearing and the ability to take fat tyres. I don’t mean a full-beardo with racks and all, but maybe a cx bike (with double chainring and maybe 11-32 cassette) could do the job. With slicks you’ll still be plenty fast, and the ability to chuck on a set of 40+mm tyres will make gravel jaunts a breeze.

Might be worth checking the tyre clearance on a CAAD disc? Or a Cell Brunswick could be a goer. Dave’s looks really good (despite the single chainring, ugh…). Or maybe a Focus CX bike like Rowan and Ben have.

That’s just my 2c worth anyway. Worth a thought…

Yeah Dave, Synapse looks alright:
That could take decent size tyres if you didn’t want the fenders. Also has a compact with 11-32 out of the box.

i think your right…based on yesterday i think a CX would be more up useable.

From the looks of it the older Brunswick is best value for money…have to head down to see if they have my size.

apart from that the Synapse looks good, as do the Focus and i like the look of the Giant TCX. There’s few cheap ones going, but the wrong size, so i guess ill just hold out.

Or talk to Ben about building up from parts.

Can the canyon endurance handle the biggger wheels? It comes with 25’s…not sure if it can take bigger

Quick google says the SLX can take up to 32 but the standard one might not… Shoot em an email.

The lower spec 1.0 version comes with a double, mech disc etc etc. Alternatively my model has the cable guide for a front derailleur should you want to go that route.

The lower spec one looks good except for the mech disc. I know mech disc is just fine, but I love my hydros…

Bombtrack hook? Pretty sure i seen em on sale sub $2k

Where can I get a bombtrack? I had a quick search and only found their direct site.

I did fall in love with that bike yesterday.

Pm user Nat: he works at the distro, will be able to advise where to get. Or I think Cheeky Transport in Newtown sell them.

Jetnikoff, Gear probs other places.

Sydney, Geoff.

I saw one of these getting built on friday at wheelhaus worth a look!

So I did some actual shipping and checked out lillyfield shop, bike99 and cell.

I didn’t mind the Norco for about $1400, and both lillyfield and bike99 bigged up the Merida bike, but they look hideous.

Finally Cell…they had the older Brunswick in my size, but it was 1600…I mentioned I saw it on their website for 1300, and they said that was sold out. The one in the shop was the old frame but everything else was from the New Brunswick…and was a demo, so discounted…I thought it was a great deal…thought?

$1600 with the hydro and all that? Probably a good deal.

Just needs some open pro tyres and hot pink bar tape…just to make less black on black on black on black…