First time at DISC

Hey Guys,

I had my first go at DISC last night and it was so much fun!
It was only a short ride, but enough to get me hooked!

It is amazing to see the young guns hammer around the track and everyone supporting each other.

From my short visit it looks like a great community to be a part of.

Thanks to Nath for taking me around the track and showing me how it is down.

I recommend if you get the chance to try it out, DO IT!

I will be there on Sunday morning to give it another go :slight_smile:


glad you had a good time! it’s great fun isn’t it. i also found everyone to be really supportive.
see you there on sunday. :slight_smile: (and see you tonight)

I heard that you and Brendan were down there last night. Its great to have more riders come along and enjoy the party.

How long till we can convince you to race.

I might see you guys there on Sunday as well.

Yeah Brendan and I were there…

I would say after Sunday I may be keen to race :smiley:

Hopefully see you Sunday

Ok, the weather’s going to be shite Sunday so I might head down.

Nath, would there be a bike my flatmate could have a bang on? She’s an Olympic rower so it needs to be a BIT bigger than mine.

What time are you guys down there? Normal Joe time?

Yeah no worries - we have a number of sizes from kermit->rower. The session starts at 8am, try to get there a little before that so we can get your bikes sorted.

i need to get myself down there!
what week nights is it open to beginners again?

Come down Tuesday at 5:00pm and roll around with some of the Brunswick riders during practice brefore racing starts at 6.30pm. Inform someone that you are new, and wish to do some practice.

However i highly recommend coming down on a Sunday morning 8am instead where you can get in better practice and have more dedicated one-on-one training.

For either session you will need to sign up for a minimum $55.00 dollar ride it licence.

Checkout more info here…,2588.0.html

i’ll be there again on sunday. i gotta say, i’m pretty psyched on it. racing could well be an option…

looks like there could be a few of us there…
Looking forward to it.

Brendan - which way did you guys go on Tuesday. I cut down past fairfield boathouse and then over the bridge at Studley park. I was going to wait to see if you guys came along but was running late as it was. See you Sunday

hey damoh and/or nath, can we organize a session on monday during the day?

As long as you have a licence i think you can go down anytime on Monday between 9am-5pm. Checked that it is not already booked first via the timetable outside the doors to the velodrome. You will need to pay about $10.00 per hour for a session.

Correct me if i am wrong Nath.

Yeah sure. The track is available between 9am and 1pm. Cost is $5/hr. Let me know what time you want to go and I’ll meet you there :slight_smile:

sweet! i’ll be there at 11, ten bucks in hand. anyone else in? will we be able to use the club bikes?

OK ace. I’ll be there a tad before 11. Club bikes are no problem at all :slight_smile:

monday hey? i need to rearrange my baking so i can make it!!!

Can I hook my iPod up to the PA? I’ve got a sweeeet new Celline Dion greatest hits cranking at the moment.


ohhh il be there on monday!!!

need a club bike (59cm)


monday crew… if the weather is fine, how about breaking out the roadies afterwards?