Fish n chips run

I’ve heard from many people that the best fish n chips in town is actually out of town, down at eaglehawk neck, in a caravan at the blowhole/Tasman arch.

Should we ride down and get some once it’s open? Not sure of the date that happens, but I heard October. I think it’s about 80k each way on the road, so we might be able to make it interesting and still under 200? Alternatively, we could ride down, my fam meets up to three of us, and we get a lift back.

reckon you might be able to crash at a certain admin’s house too.

supposedly great coffee at Cube also at eaglehawk neck.

Paging Manatra…

As I write this, I am looking at the blowhole in Eaglehawk Neck… I’m in, although I don’t have a bike here, so I’ll walk!

Stop in at Last Rites and/or Double Head breweries on the way back.

I would love to do this too, cheers.

Yeah JP, keen for this action.

Can confirm fish & chips are excellent and coffee is top notch - both are open as of last week.

Holy shit! Your endorsement counts for a lot mate. Thats sooner than I was expecting… when is this going to happen?!

This weekend is a possibility for me, would need to lock in day asap, though. Will get a lift back in a car, and can bring sometwo else back too if needed.

Sunday JP? I can get a leave pass Sunday. Facebook message me though, I’m useless at checking the forum yo!