Fixe' Magazine In Store @ GEAR BRISBANE!

Our latest shipment of goodies has arrived courtesy of Fixé Magazine! Its the first chance i have had to see the magazine and i am very impressed! Plenty of articles, product reviews and of course BIKE PORN. This issue has the choice of two different cover artworks.

As much as i love reading Cog Magazine, I must say Fixe’ has stepped it up a notch content wise! Come get some in store or online. Only $7.50 a pop! Call us on (07) 3846 7900 or email to reserve your copy as these are going fast!!

The 10% store wide discount for members does not apply to the magazines as we make little to no money off them at all, we bring them because we want to read them as much as you do!!


$13.20 = Fixe’ Magazine + Express Posted Australia Wide
I am unsure of the price of regular pre-paid postbags australia wide but will check tomorow.

hey is there some fixé left? would love one…i ll take it during the natinal polo champs if possible

It’s worth buying it for purely to see my F(ake) Moser in the Bike Porn section…