Fixed 100

Hey guys i am thinking of doing a fixed 100 soon.

Would anyone else be interested. I just want to get some numbers before i map out a course.

I am thinking of riding out to Glen Waverly, up Blackburn road towards Steve’s (doing a skid and a fart as we ride past), some hill climbs, some off roads, some velodromes, then heading back to town via the bikepath that follows the freeway.

Let me know



you know it.

Hey we could do a few of these as precursors to Around The Bay.


Well it looks like i might do domethig then.

How about the 1st of September with everyone? We could do a welcome back ride for Des

You can do the welcome ride but I won’t be there. My plane lands at about 10am that morning.


So you’ll be ok to ride at about 10.30? Thats cool it’ll give us time to warm up :wink: