fixed gear gallery funnies

A place to post links, comment and have lolz at all of the ridiculous crap that is posted to Fixed Gear Gallery

i think i’ll kick it off with this little ripper

Fixed Gear Gallery :: Ryan Rimmer, Brighton, MA

nice way to claim a VISP as a “custom”

"lincoln bros. custom bicycles

This is serial no. one."

My gf saw it and recognized that it was a visp.

Fixed Gear Gallery :: Tom Jones’ Roadmaster

These are the reasons I gave up on the FGG. Good to see Tom Jones getting into it though

dat is a serious ride!

^ I’m failing to see why that is ‘funny’. Seems like a reasonable attempt at converting a crappy frame on a low budget…or am I missing something? (Foot retention would be nice…)

can i just say that this has been done before and it gets old quickly

Yeah… BikeForums did it better.