Fixed Gear In Melbourne

Hey All,

I’ve just moved to Melbourne from London, and was seeing if anyone new of any bikes shops that specialise in fixed/track bikes? As in London we have Brick Lane Bikes (and others)… I had to sell mine, but am now looking to do a new fixed gear project. I have done some research and can really only find some shops that sell complete bikes, and not parts, wheelsets, cranksets, frames etc.

I’m thinking now of buying parts from USA (ebay) and building it here?? Has anyone done that??

Any help would be sweet as…

Call Dan at Shifter Bikes in Collingwood. 9419 0050

The classifieds on this forum are pretty good if you keep your eyes open.
other, refer to above post.

Thanks, checkout their website looks like a sweet shop… :smiley:

Shifter Bikes is your best spot for sure or fyxomatosis Andy has the fanciest bikes in town if you’ve got cash money. Buying odd parts here n there on ebay can be cheaper but you’ll obviously need to wait longer for the right bits to pop up at decent prices.

looks like this is an old post, is Shifter Bikes in Collingwood still the place to go?

Shifter Bikes is now in South Yarra.
Contact details taken from Instagram - ShifterBikes - Custom Bicycle Studio Bicycle Mechanic & Wheelbuilder 7 Ellis St, Sth Yarra, Vic, AU 03 9826 5007 Tues-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm

Saint Cloud on Gertrude Street is also worth a look at.

ah cool, thanks moccos. I will check them both out.

JRI? :stuck_out_tongue:

are you looking for parts or looking to get a bike built up?
cos Shifter sells very few parts these days.
if it’s parts you’re after try Abbotsford Cycles. And Saint Cloud as mentioned.

I’m so outta the loop re: parts shopping in Melb though

Yea i want to build it all myself, but Possibly get someone to build up the wheels for me.

I went to Saint Cloud today, they had some great components. I will defiantly get some things from them.
I will check out Abbotsford Cycles tomorrow. thanks Jams

(This is a joke. Do not go to this shop)

ha ha,
i just had a look at JRI website. not quite what i am looking for. :smiley:

Jetnikoff in Brunswick is also a great place for components and an EXCELLENT wheel builder.

^ True that.

How long does it take to be able to see the classified section?
Been on this several weeks and nothing! :confused:

Hello Steve

Can you see it now? I joined a few days ago and am keen to know :smiley:

Thanks rolly, only 23 days to go! Ermagherd.